Health Problems


Unfortunately, there are serious health problems, which have been huge issues in the past, and continue to be.

Serious health problems

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It is estimated that about a third of American adults are affected by hypertension or blood pressure. Since this condition does not exhibit symptoms for some time, most people are not aware whether they have the problem. However, if you suffer from this condition, it is possible to attract other health issues, which affect your kidneys and heart.


This health problem affects mostly women over 60 years of age. This condition affects about 4% of the Americans. This is in accordance to reports by American Thyroid Association. The major issue with this problem is that it can go undetected for some years. In fact, the majority of the people suffering from this problem are not aware until diagnosed.

High cholesterol

A lot of Americans suffer from this health problem. It affects people even less than 20 years. This is a leading risk for the heart problems like strokes and heart attacks. Moreover, it can also go undetected. Thus, you will never know it unless you get diagnosed. There are high chances that most people have not been detected for this problem.


This health problem is also known as GERD or acid reflux. It is a result of chronic symptoms by the abdominal reflux. It is quite common for many adults. However, it is quite difficult to detect in infants and children. Moreover, the symptoms are quite different between the little and adult ones.

Breathing disorders

You should note that Asthma is the common breathing disorder that affects millions of Americans. Most of the asthma sufferers are children. There are also other breathing disorders like emphysema and bronchitis. Breathing problems count for over 40% of deaths in the US alone.


This is a heahnjmkb23we5dr52t62u7lth condition, which renders body unable to digest food as required to use it for energy. In fact, this problem can be a serious one. This is because it results in complications with the kidneys, lower extremities, and heart.

Anxiety and Depression

A lot of people suffer from this problem. Moreover, it continues to get worse. It is a form of mental anxiety, which lasts for more than two years. This problem affects about 10 million Americans.