Types of a Headache and Simple Techniques to Cure Your Headache Quickly

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When headaches strike, they can be a nuisance or debilitating, putting your life on hold. It’s important to recognize the various forms of sore heads in order to treat them effectively and find relief as soon as possible. The next time a headache sets in, take the time to identify it and treat the pain accordingly properly.

1. Tension Headaches

Tension headaches plague people the most, forming pressure that can be found at the back of the head or in the temples. This type of a headache is a nuisance, allowing its victims to continue with their daily routines. However, no one wants to put up with the pain. The best form of treatment is over-the-counter pain relievers.

2. Cluster Headaches

Men are more often the unfortunate victims of cluster headaches. This type of pain in the head can stop a person in his or her tracks as terrible pain strikes on one side of the head. A runny nose and watery eyes can also accompany it. During a cluster headache, it is difficult to relax or get comfortable. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can be effective in cutting these headaches short.

3. Sinus Headaches

head is hurtingSinus headaches occur during a sinus infection. Fever, nasal congestion, and inflamed sinuses are par for the course. Antibiotics will address the sinus infection while decongestants and antihistamines can also provide pain relief.

4. Rebound Headaches

Rebound headaches can occur from the habitual treatment of headaches with pain relievers. The best advice is to reduce the use of pain relievers, try to identify the source of headaches, and make lifestyle changes.

5. Migraines

Migraines are the most severe form of a headache. They can last from four hours to three days and recur on a regular basis. Nausea and vomiting are common as well as sensitivity to light. Pain may be throbbing, severe, strike on one side, and make it impossible to do other activities. A migraine specialist can prescribe medications to treat this form of a headache. Lifestyle changes are helpful as well.

Now that we know the different types of pain in the head let’s bear in mind what are the appropriate treatments and ensure we consult the physician if pain persists. Often times, those who are enduring regular headaches are not in the position to visit a physician to receive pain relief medication. To help these men and women, here is a guide on how to cure headaches naturally, and of course, quickly.

Simple techniques to cure your headache quickly


If headache pain is a constant bother for you, it is very wise to practice meditation since it may be a truly useful way to cure your headache naturally. Meditation will provide relaxation and comfort to your entire body.

Drink abundance of water:

Water has shown to offer almost immediate pain relief when it comes to headaches. There’s just something about the refreshing nature of water which allows it to minimize the utter discomfort of a headache.

Start taking daily vitamin supplements:

There happen to be particular vitamin supplements which can be quite effective when it comes to healing headaches naturally and safely. Such vitamin supplements give a positive result within a short duration of time.

Putting yourself on a healthy diet plan:

Consuming healthier foods such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables, and foods rich in fiber are often very beneficial with regard to curing headache pain quickly and naturally.

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Fast Massage:

Take several minutes to ever-so-gently caress your head as well as your face and neck, as this may offer some fantastic assistance in getting rid of headache pain.